2021 Mardi Gras Masquer‘AID’ –– 2022 SCHEDULE: TBD Royal Reveal, Freighthouse  Feb. 19th: MG Ball, Radisson;  Mar. 1st: Fat Tues., Legends 
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Welcome to Coulee Region Mardi Gras

Rex & Queen XXIX, Tom & Lisa Kratt

Join our Rex and Queen at our Facebook Live event on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 7:00pm for the Coulee Region Mardi Gras MasquerAID drawing at Aquinas High School.

VIRTUAL MARDI GRAS – The 2021 in-person Mardi Gras events, Costume Ball, Fat Tuesday Celebration, and Community Tour have been cancelled due to COVID19. Please  join our Rex and Queen, Tom and Lisa Kratt cavorting and supporting Aquinas Catholic Schools through our Mardi Gras Masquer‘AID’ campaign.

ALL in-person Mardi Gras events will return January 2022 in anticipation of the  30th Rex and Queen for the upcoming Mardi Gras season!

What is Coulee Region Mardi Gras?

Coulee Region Mardi Gras is a celebration uniting the families of La Crosse and surrounding communities in fun, food, and fellowship for a good cause. Since 1991, Mardi Gras has helped provide tuition assistance and provide educational school/classroom grants supporting Christian values, educational resources, technology development, mental/physical health and fine arts at Aquinas Catholic Schools (ACS).

Mardi Gras Ball

As with the Mardi Gras festivals in Louisiana, Coulee Region Mardi Gras is centered around a Rex and Queen and their faithful “Krewes of Carnivale,” each represented by a Lord and Lady. There is one krewe for each of the local Catholic parishes involved in ACS: Blessed Sacrament, Cathedral, Holy Trinity, Mary, Mother of the Church, Roncalli Newman Center and St. Patrick’s. These krewes, along with the reigning Rex and Queen, make Mardi Gras a very special event. Each year, the krewes creatively reinvent themselves with innovative themes.  See the Event Schedule for details, or Order Tickets now. Support the event by being a sponsor!

What do we do the rest of the year?

We support local festivals, lending our flair and flamboyance to events like Applefest and Oktoberfest. Mardi Gras, like other local fests, strives to bring the community together for fun and fellowship.